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Omaha High Poker

The Sit Down

A maximum of ten players can be seated around each Omaha High table.

The Buy-in

The minimum amount of the buy-in for Omaha High is valued at ten times the lower betting limit of the table stakes of the game. For example, on a table worth 3/6, the minimum buy-in will be 30.

On all Pot Limit games, however, the minimum buy-in is set at 20 times the lower betting limit of the game. So if the stakes on a Pot Limit table are 0.25/0.50, then the minimum buy-in will be equal to 10.

The Game

The Blinds: before any cards are dealt, the player to the immediate left of the dealer places a small blind and the player next to the left places a big blind.

The Pre-flop: the dealer deals four pocket-cards to each player face down. Players then make their bets in a clockwise direction beginning with the player sitting left of the big blind. This leaves the big blind player with the advantage of betting last in each round.

The Flop: three community cards are then dealt face up on the table for all players to use. This is followed by a round of betting, again beginning with the player left-most of the big blind.

The Turn: the dealer then deals a fourth community card and another round of betting follows.

The River: a final community card is dealt face up and the last round of betting takes place.

The Showdown: all players still in the game reveal their hands to the rest of the table. The final hand must be made up of two of the four pocket-cards and three of the five community cards. If there is a tie between players, the pot is split between them and any left-over amounts are awarded to the player sitting left-most of the dealer. The hand with the highest ranking hand according to Standard Poker hand rankings is awarded the pot, signifying the end of the game.


Each round contains certain betting limits, determined by the stakes offered at the table: 

  • In the first two rounds, betting is limited to the lower limit.
  • In the last two rounds, they are limited to the higher limit.
  • In each round of betting, one round of betting and three raises per round are allowed.

Bet Ahead Buttons

The buttons that appear when it is NOT a player’s turn to move are: fold, call, check, bet and raise. Once it is their turn to act, the buttons that are available to them are fold, check and raise.

Connected Players: 15,562 Cash Table Players: 7,324 JACKPOTS Fort Knox : $60,000 , Rio : $135,000 , Maui : $36,000 , Dirty Dozen : $2,000